Selfie Tower Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are questions that we are asked regularly about our Photo Booths.  If you have any further questions about the Photo Booths, our engineers or other services then please give us a call on 01622 832832.

How big is the Seflie Tower Photo Booth?

The Selfie Tower takes up a floor space of minimum 2m x 3m, and as standard is 2m in height.  We always suggest a little more space allowed for this at an event as we do find people tend to gather round the booth, and queues can get rather long.

Do you need a power supply?

Yes we need one standard 13 Amp socket within 5m of the Selfie Tower.

How long does it take to set up the Selfie Tower?

It generally takes us up to 45 minutes to set up the Selfie Tower from arrival to operation.  We will always arrive in plenty of time before your requested “Live Time” to ensure we are good to go from the time that you want us to run.

If you have booked us to turn up at an event such as a wedding or party for just the evening when your guests are already present, we will do our best not to disturb the wedding and just get on with the set up of our photo booth without distracting guests from what is going on.

Does your engineer stay during the event?

With each Selfie Tower event a fully trained engineer will remain at (or nearby) the booth at all times.  Should the booth run out of photo paper, or if any other problems occur our engineer will be there to solve the issue in the shortest possible time.

How many photos can we have?

As many as you can get out of the Selfie Tower in the duration of your “Live Time”.  On average the Selfie Tower can move at a rate of one photo every couple of minutes.

Will the Selfie Tower run out of paper?

This really depends on how much the booth gets used, but if you do manage to use all the paper and ink, our Selfie Tower technician will be on hand to promptly refill the printer and get you on your way again.

What are the photos like?

We use a professional die sublimation printer within the Selfie Tower which prints out in around 10 seconds.  Photos are on premium glossy photo paper and are immediately dry to touch when they are dispensed.

Are the pictures good quality?

We have optimised the software in the Selfie Tower to take high quality photographs giving your guests a great keepsake from your wedding, party, or corporate event.

Can i have a copy of the photos at the end of the event?

We offer two options at the end of an event for either a digital copy of all the photos on a CD or USB stick.  Alternatively we can set you up an online, password protected photo booth gallery which you can then share with your guests from your event.

Do i need to pay a deposit?

To secure your Selfie Tower booking we request a 25% deposit at the time of booking.  We then request full payment 14 days prior to your event.