New and Improved Software

The Selfie Tower is getting an upgrade in its software, giving us and you more features to play with.

The new software includes the capabilities for the Self Tower to take, produce and print one to four pictures in one session and record video, giving you more customisation for your photo booth experience. The Selfie Tower will also gain the ability to use green screen, this will mean you can have any backdrop you want for your pictures.

If provided with an internet connection, the Selfie Tower will be able to post to your own personal Facebook gallery, or email them straight to you, giving you near instant access to your Selfie Tower photos.

For our corporate hirers, the Selfie Tower can now give the event goers a small quiz or survey based on question you provide us, Selfie Tower could also play a short video before the pictures to further advertise your brand at your event.

(The Selfie Tower will have the capability to run these features when the upgrade is complete, however not all features will be up and ready, keep an eye on “The Tower” page for more details)