The Selfie Tower Does Not Judge!

What’s the difference between the Selfie Tower and a Photographer? THE SELFIE TOWER DOES NOT JUDGE.

With a photographer you aren’t in control of the picture being taken, the person behind the camera is. They will have a good chance of making you look too stiff and uncomfortable because you are wondering what the photographer is thinking. Even if they try to sneak up on you to get a nice natural picture, you just end up looking like a deer in headlights as you clock them moments before taking the picture.

Sure in the long run a photographer’s vision for a photograph will produce pictures you will be happy to put above your mantelpiece and show the world. However think about it, just take somebodies phone and look at their pictures and I’m sure you will find a plethora of selfies showing all different aspects of their personalities, and most of them will be quite funny. When we are in control of our picture we feel more relaxed to be ourselves, and more comfortable to make an idiot of ourselves. And these are the type of pictures we like to look back on again and again.

Below we have handpicked some of the pictures we feel shows this off…


img_0670 img_0671 img_0672 img_0673

Utilising the 4 picture prints to create a stop motion picture really packs a punch!

img_0836 img_0835 img_0834 img_0833

The “rushing though everything in the prop box”

img_0581 img_0583 img_0584 img_0585

 Even if your too camera shy, you can think outside of the box


The Selfie Tower Does Not Judge, But We Can…

img_0743 img_0908 img_0955

And you can have as many people in as you can squeeze together